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her heartbeats create
a mountain range:
the atmosphere making it
harder to breathe.
climbing, always
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 2 0
Spare Change
Safety has become a scarce resource.
Rising costs of higher gates
and more prestigious names.
Fewer walks outside you can afford to have.
We are learning to pay in time and in fear,
when every night you don't hear a friend was shot
is a blessing -- when we see blood on the streets
shimmering like a price tag of justice
gone wrong.
When tears cannot be bargained in place of mercy,
your promises of change treated like pocket lint
on the wrong side of the trigger.
Wondering when life became this cheap.
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 1 0
the right way to say goodbye.
I keep telling myself I should stop writing
poems about you. I've gotten better
at writing less. But I feel like I owe it
to a young girl back in 2006,
learning for the first time
it was okay to want more
than what was already planned;
to a thirteen year old back in 2008
learning this is what love feels like;
to the girl in 2016 who still laughs
twice as hard at chemistry jokes
because she feels she has to,
in your absence.
I keep saying this will be the last poem
about you. I can almost start
to believe it. But it never
seems like the right ending,
the right set of verses
the right set of memories
the right conclusion
the right way of letting go--
I don't know when anything ever will.
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 4 0
benefit of the doubt.
We were promised safety when you were chosen.
Told we shouldn't have anything to fear
as long as we had nothing to do with drugs.
One night, I had to tell a boy I used to love
that his nephew was killed in the street
outside my village.
I am still haunted by his first words after:
he was just a fucking math teacher.
But to 15 million other people,
I suppose this is what safety looks like.
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 3 4
Glasgow Grin.
Why do you insist on making girls
smile for you?
Carving them
flesh and bone, red lips -
make them take up less space
so you can fit where you deserve
slice them apart
because how dare they say no
refuse to take whatever you can cut
out, like finding their jagged corners
too uneven
because you think it’s their job
to be beautiful
even when in pain, blaming them
for their blood like it’s disgusting-
like you prefer your meat well-done
with a mouth you can force open
to say yes, take in the size of your ego
wider and wider, swallow her pride
because it’s all you think she should eat anyway.
How dare she try to speak
with her mouth full
to tell you this is not what she wants
when she should be grateful
to simply be given what she was asking for-
poor you, I suppose
you must be starving
after all that shit passing through your mouth-
filling protruding rib cages with self-loathing,
waiting for her to laugh at the jokes you make
about her body, telling her
not to take hers
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 7 2
another coffee shop poem
A bunch of firetrucks, sirens blaring,
just passed this coffee shop.
Nobody looks up, everybody just
keeps on studying.
My girlfriend comes back from the bathroom
talking about the next stall, someone scared
To tell their father about their pregnancy. She did not
hear the rest of that story.
We get to talking about Batman, how to be
the kind of person brave enough
To save someone. We worry for a while
about the quality of his upcoming movie.
"Hey, another artist died." Another trend
on Twitter. "What the hell is with 2016"
We pass works to each other and tell ourselves
we should have noticed them earlier.
I still don't understand entropy. Not that I was
ever any good in science, anyway.
These notes are illegible, pictures to the side
of things I shouldn't have been thinking -
our favorite song plays on the stereo
and we decide now is the perfect time for a break
from studying. Singing along to lyrics
we keep getting wrong, until the cutoff announcement
that we need to claim our food
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 9 4
after September 26, 2009.
this is what it's like, 7 years after the flood.
at the side of my twitter app,
i keep the account of my local city government
pinned and accessible,
so i always know the water level
of the nearby river.
my mother opens the door
every half-hour
during thunderstorms
to ask me what the number is now.
at around 15 meters
she takes the cars out
to higher ground.
at 18 we bring our appliances up.
any higher,
and me and my sister spend the night
watching news from the television
of the hotel room across our school
instead of at home.
there are life-jackets in our attic now.
we did not have an attic that day.
we swam across to our neighbor's house
to sleep on their third floor.
i fell asleep, to the hushed sounds
of my relatives praying the rosary.
i thought to myself then,
if only i kept the books i loved
on my top shelf
instead of the lower ones
for easy reach.
the day we got back
and i saw each of them safe,
i held and smelled all of them
but knew the letter my best friend wrote
the day be
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 4 3
in absentia
philosophy class taught me
that to be human is to die.
it is the direction
we all head towards,
the inevitability
but uncertainty
of future
i remember something like this
in one of our conversations
eight years ago.
your birds' nest hair
frozen on camera
as we talked about life
and what it means to end.
we were weird kids.
there were dreams we shared
like we had every second
to waste. all plans
of conquering the world
and seeing life unfold,
and you - always up by 3am
to talk to your same kind of crazy
across the other side of the world.
it was always like time
was not the boss of you.
so when you once said
you'd love me
as long as you lived
i didn't think
that would be
so soon.
it takes seven years
of disappearance
before you declare
death in absentia.
it is 2009
when i receive the news
you never made it home.
it is 2010
and i'm still waiting
for you to tell me
this was all a terrible joke.
it is 2012
and i keep having the same dream
where you say you misread the memo,
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 10 3
on honeybees, or 'i should learn to love my name'
you have nursed Zeus from infancy
shielding him from his father's teeth
and creating permanence on his tongue
for honeycomb and nectarine
and men learned to veer away
from preying on flesh,
substituting wild for weary
traveller, civilization
on the cusp of building
homes golden for shelter:
and all they ever know
is to run away from fear
of the pain you might cause
even though they know full well
that it would hurt you too.
it has always been
refreshing, to find someone
so unafraid of you.
love, know that sunflowers
only bloom because of you
and your flight patterns.
that you produce elixirs
for healing, for protection,
for warmth, for light,
for the simple joy
of sweetness.
you have suffered the wrath
of Cronus for defiance
the envy of neighbors
and death from unswerving loyalty
to the silence of goddesses -
and your skin is only evidence
to the promises of continuous rebirth:
you are the rule of queens
and dedication. the unpredictable
combination of venom
and saccharine - dangerous,
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 7 5
Mature content
i am tired of thinking i'm overreacting. :iconlizilicious:lizilicious 4 4
when he told you she gave him adventures you never could
you remember telling yourself you needed to become more exciting.
and for the longest time you allowed him to lead the negotiations-
giving in, hoping that would make you the better offer:
swallowing everything that told you
loving yourself could wait
until after he learned to loved you again.
you considered yourself secondhand goods
after the last time his fingers mapped you out
and he told you there wasn't enough lightning in you anymore
and thought that maybe feeling wanted by someone else
could wash off the feeling
of disposability
feeding off attention like it could make you whole again.
but throwing him away
did not make up for you being thrown away, love.
i'm sure you've realized that by now.
and when your skin started turning to dust and scars
and the spaces between your thighs was shrinking
all you wanted was a chance to look in the mirror
and see something beautiful
and you couldn't stop swallowing pills that promised t
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 2 0
time is relative - for example:
calendar dates are not the same
for every person. we form mosaics
out of the year; patchwork dates
of anniversaries and first kisses
and the day that he went missing.
these overlap: your birthday
is someone else’s death anniversary;
if you ever want a lesson in lifetime
calculate the in-betweens of epitaphs.
there are stories there - like those of a spouse
who died days after the other;
the child who would never hear
its birthday song, a general of world war II.
your year will never be your own
after days you can never take back.
parts of you which already belong
to someone else - the trouble
is learning to pencil in anyone else:
does overwriting use up time
or does it mean erasure -
and really, what is it about November?
i don’t think i’ve ever liked planners
for this very reason: there are so many days
that are already not my own -
that are not blank canvasses anymore.
this is how to respond
when people say that a
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 8 3
i treated your affection like pills
to take for my own benefit.
this has taught me that people make
poor bandages. skin is not meant to cushion
fragility, and bones
make for poor support,
when i'm at my most spineless-
consuming you in short doses,
extending a prescription
i made-believed i needed.
there is still the aftertaste of apologies
lingering in the back of my throat,
difficult to dry-swallow-
my wounds should have never been yours
to burden. and i should have known better
than to taper you off with natural defenses:
the act of cutting out instead
of carving in. i have never found
the ways to formulate
how to make this better:
to explain what made it so easy
to be so parasitic-
my recovery should have never been hinged
on your undoing.
when the only thing i left you with
was silence, i wonder how i could dare
tell myself that my artform is speech.
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 10 5
Mature content
idolatry :iconlizilicious:lizilicious 4 4
the inconvenient truth.
i refuse to be just another storm
for you to hide from
until the torrents die down.
if you only know how
to deal with me in my sunshine
you do not deserve the seasons of warmth.
because i will always be lightning veins
and the rumbling thunder of poetry:
overcast with the weight of worlds.
i suppose what’s disappointing
is i would have thought
you’d have known that by now.
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 9 2
sometimes, i hate being in debate.
you have tried to find yourselves
in maps of the world,
only to ask why you could not.
it is a privilege often taken for granted:
to be able to recognize yourself.
to know home without question.
this is what it is to live in fear -
the monster under your bed
would be a comfort to whatever is waiting
outside the doorstep.
there are many words for them,
but today it is silence under the floorboards.
there are no lullabies here.
all over the world are the bright-eyed,
speaking on your behalf
telling your stories as if they know.
some of them going back home
to the celebrations of their victories.
speaking about not using humanity
for their own gain
for another win.
:iconlizilicious:lizilicious 2 1
Stupid writer's block.

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Serena Mithane
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
What she is made of:

A child's heart. A stubborn fighter's pride and philosopher's soul. Veins filled with words. A mind flooded with madness and dreams. Lungs that live on stories and art. Eyes that see miracles in nothing, and therefore everything. Ninja skills but a lack of dexterity. A stomach that thrives on cookies.

Who she is:

Writer cursed with a bad case of chronic writer's block. A dreamer and a cynic. A walking contradiction bordering on insanity. Also someone struggling to change the world, but still has no idea how to do that. Feel free to watch the clumsy attempt, and perhaps aid her in her quest to steal all the worlds' cookies.
This is a random set of 5 thank you notes to the 5 people I've loved in my life so far, for all the lessons you've taught me. I was a different person each time I have met you, and a different person after each time I have gotten to know and love you. And for all that, I am eternally thankful. Really, I am.

(EDIT) <-- This originally just had 4 people back when i first wrote it sometime in June 2013, but I've decided to edit it, to make sure this reflects me as of now, especially since it's the journal entry right at the front of my profile. I also recently loved this recent philosophy lecture we had before wherein our professor told us if you had stayed the same, you didn't really fall in love. And you know, I think that's true.


You have taught me that there is more to the world than numbers on a piece of paper. You have shown me that questions are worth asking, even though you might not always find the answer. The important thing is the question, because it shows that I am trying to look for answer at the very least. You have shown me that I can never really stop growing and learning, and that in the end we are all idiots, every one of us, discovering things we have not previously known and always being proven wrong. It had all started from you, and I am not sure if I would just ended up following my parent's set and safe path if it weren't for you to show me there were other places I could go, and that I could reach. You have shown me the value of honesty, and how in the end I can only learn if I don't try to hide from what I have to face or what I have to say. You have taught me the value of passion, of never giving up, and always, always fighting for what I should believe in.


You have shown me altruism and how to be a hero. You have always been a hero, in your own right. You were the first to show me that there are people as amazing enough to simply want to do good for the sake of it, never for the sake of themselves. You have taught me that kindness and affection can go a long way, and that sometimes all someone ever needs is a person to remind them that they are not alone.You have taught me the value of sacrifice, and in the end I learned that love was learning to value the happiness of another person simply for the sake of it. You are so much happier than you would have been with me, and for that, I am truly happy.


You have made me believe I can do the impossible. You have taught me that there is no such thing as impossible. That many times, the world is wrong, and that it deserves to be shown that it is wrong. You have shown me that it doesn't matter if I might be crazy, that I have dreams far too big for me, and that being afraid of them isn't such a bad thing. I have learned about the darkness inside of me because I have had to face it for you, and I have learned that all I had to do was not let it consume me out of fear. You have taught me bravery. You have taught me dreaming. I have learned so much about myself from you, because we dared to get so close to each other that it hurt and it broke us and we needed to fix ourselves up afterwards, and even though it was different, I know we tried to help each other remember where the pieces fit. And I suppose at the start, and at the end, you have taught me the value of change.


You were the first to really show me that I could be my own hero. You have shown me a world where everyone, in the end, is significant. Because they are, in their own ways. It was in the intricacies and in the stories that everything has come to happen in the way that it has, and I am so thankful for the way our intersections have collided across a supposed unlikelihood. You have shown me that words are not always needed to understand someone - because you are not very good at using them to express yourself, and you do not always understand my own, but I have always felt that we knew each other regardless. You are one of the greatest mysteries in my life because of that, but you have shown me that not everything needs an answer, and that's what makes things so beautiful. You have given me back an infinite amount of wonder to look at into the world with, and everything has become brand new to me. You have taught me happiness, and you have taught me that it is my own to give to myself.


Before you, I've always been used to questioning my own happiness. There had to be some greater meaning or scheme or strings attached to why I would be feeling this way because there is always something else besides happiness. There just had to be. But it's different with you. I don't have to constantly be asking what I did to deserve this and I don't have to fully understand it or know the reasons behind my happiness - I don't have to keep questioning or trying to be sure that I love you. I just do. I've lived my life haunted by the futures I've planned but never saw fulfilled and have been weighed down by the pasts that destroyed those futures - but I think my recent philosophy classes have articulated it the best: with you, it's a timeline I don't have full control over and I can give in to that. I don't know what's going to happen, but for once I'm not afraid of it. All I know is that I can finally take these things a day at a time, moment-by-moment, because there's no time I'd rather experience except this time we have right here, right now. And I've found that I prefer that to any vague concept of a grander scheme to things, because this is what's real and what's right in front of me.


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